Jump Rope Airway Clearance

In today’s video, I’m excited to demonstrate jump rope airway clearance and show you how much more effective it is for me than what you might be used to.

One of the many things that I love about my adorable wife happened during the filming of this video. She helped me film one take, then stopped filming after I gave her the thumbs up to let her know I was finished coughing. As soon as she stopped, I went into another coughing fit, and after THAT thumbs up, she said, “That was great. Can you do it again? I missed the second one…”

The point is, it was less about getting the whole thing on tape; I’m not out to prove anything by showing you guys how much I can lift, or how long I can jump rope, or to show off a 6-pack. She pushes me to go again after I catch my breath! And that’s the attitude that I’m hoping comes through in these videos.

Give it your best, every time and if you finish and still have something left in the tank, go again! Train your lungs like you would train your biceps! Work hard all the time to get better than you were the day before!

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